‘I just don’t fit in!’.... and other fashion myths

Models in Strumpfhosen posieren vor einem Backsteinkamin. Die Frau links schaut frontal in die Kamera, die Frau rechts steht mit dem Rücken zur Kamera und schaut über die linke Schulter.

‘No wonder I don’t like it, I’ve gained a lot of weight!’

These and other thoughts may have crossed your mind when you went shopping to try on a new dress that turned out to be a disappointment. In most cases, it's not your own body that's to blame, but the fashion industry itself! And anyway,shouldn't clothing give you self-confidence instead of taking it away?

It’s not you, it’s unrealistic fashion design

How often do you find yourself frustrated in front of a dressing room mirror because the item of clothing that looked so promising on the hanger or on the mannequin simply doesn't work on your own body? The ‘norm’ in terms of cut, size and length (which in reality only so few people can meet) causes anger, distress and frustration when looking for clothes which can manifest as negativity towards your own body and its supposed deficiencies; a stomach that is too big, breasts that are too small or large, arms that are too long, shoulders that are too broad, legs that are too short and, and, and... This way of thinking can have a lasting impact on self-esteem and distort perception of one’s image.

It is important to realize that it is not the body that is the problem, but the clothing. Finding the right fit can boost self-confidence and help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Three reasons why clothes don't fit or don't fit well

Why is that even a thing? Why is it so hard to find clothes that REALLY fit well?

Reason 1: An idealised body shape

Many items of clothing are not designed according to reality, but rather an idealized body shape, which of course does not do justice to the diversity of the human body. For example, often they are simply scaled up from a (usually very small) size. You can imagine that this method has a lot of weaknesses. For example, if you have narrow shoulders but are a little thicker, you will still have narrow shoulders even with a size 48, so the simply scaled shoulder seams of a T-shirt of this size will already hang halfway down your upper arm.

Fast fashion has no time for individuality.

Reason 2: Quality and material

It is not uncommon for cheap materials and poor workmanship to cause clothing to fit poorly. Fabrics that do not fall properly or are uncomfortable on the skin can have a significant impact on wearability. A single, poorly placed or crooked seam can make an entire garment uncomfortable and unflattering.

Reason 3: Inappropriate cut

Another big problem is often the cut itself. Certain cuts fit certain body shapes better than others. So does this mean that some designs just don't work on some bodies? Yes, BUT: That doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them. It means that it might be a little harder to find a garment with that particular cut that you really feel comfortable in. Sometimes it can help to have small alterations made by a tailor to adjust the cut to your measurements.

What fashion does for your self-confidence

If it's so hard, why do we even stress about it? Why not just switch to sweatpants and a T-shirt and let fashion be fashion? Hey, don't worry! Nobody wants to take away your chill-at-home-on-the-couch outfit. However, it's no secret how much a really cool outfit can do for your self-confidence; the dress that hugs your figure perfectly, the blazer that has perfectly cut sleeves, the pants that are neither too short nor too long with the boots that fit just perfectly - a dream!

Plus size and mid size model posing in the same kind of net tights, which fit comfortably in any size on larger and long legs, too.

Fashion’s Final Boss: Tights and over-the-knee stockings

Of course, some items of clothing are generally easier to find than others. T-shirts, for example, are certainly easier to find than trousers. Then there are clothes that can only be put in the category of ‘impossible’ and ‘cursed.’ This usually also includes tights and over-the-knee stockings, which simply never fit because they are always too short, too tight and fit poorly. That's why we've created over-the-knee socks and tights designed to fit all body sizes and shapes, including those with long, wide, strong or muscular legs. Our products are designed to adapt to the individual body shape and thus ensure an optimal fit without pinching or slipping.

Fashion should empower, not exclude.

We believe that as many fashion options as possible should be available to as many people as possible. Even legs and feet that deviate from the norm deserve a selection of beautiful tights and over-the-knee designs in the plus size range.

Maybe you would like to put together your next confidence boosting outfit that previously failed because you couldn't find suitable knee socks? We have something for you!

And remember; the next time something doesn't suit you, don't blame your body. You are okay and valuable the way you are - regardless of whether you want to lose or gain weight, whether you want to exercise more or eat healthier. Here and now, you deserve clothes that REALLY fit you.


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Share your outfits, find inspiration, help determine future products and meet new friends. Join our community Discord server!

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Our designs for your style.


Our designs for your style.