Over-the-knee stockings are not for fat legs!

Plus Size Model trägt blickdichte schwarze Overknee-Strümpfe und sitzt mit überschlagenden Beinen in einem Korbsessel

Do you remember looking for that one item of clothing that you really wanted but just couldn't find anywhere in your size? I experienced this on my search for  over-the-knee socks. With a height of 182 cm and a dress size of 48, this seemed to be an impossibility. I enlisted the services of Google search, and I finally came across a post from a woman who had the same problem; "I just can't find over-the-knee socks in my size for my larger calves" she wrote.

The only response to her query at the time was as follows;

"Then forget it. It won't look good. You have to embrace your fashion weakness, otherwise it just looks ridiculous.”


Over-the-knee stockings in large sizes

The article I mentioned comes from an impressionable time in my youth. I grew up surrounded by people, media and opinions that represented this awful attitude. Anyone who dares not to be slim should at least appear as slim as possible – or at least pretend to be. Fortunately, a lot has happened in the area of ​​inclusion in fashion since 2010. Fashion today is far more open, varied and diverse, and much less narrow and dogmatic than I remember.

I still haven't been able to find many over-the-knee stockings in the plus size range. True to the motto ‘She is the woman,’ we finally took matters into our own hands and made it our mission to offer over-the-knee looks for long and thick legs. YAY!

Your style, Your Decision

So, it was a pretty drastic step to start a company to solve a personal fashion problem, right? It's absolutely more just clothes. It's about offering our customers the opportunity to express and develop their taste in fashion and afforded the same choices as the rest of society. Fashion should always allow us an expression of our personality, and we all deserve to feel comfortable in our skin (and our socks).

A tall mid size model is leaning back in her brown leather chair wearing black over-the-knee stockings for long legs.

Nobody said it would be easy

You still read hateful and derogatory comments under pictures of people with bodies that are not stereotypically beautiful online. And it's true; Some people see it as a provocation, or a personal attack if you don't stick to old conventions and toxic fashion do's and don'ts and a perfect example is a larger woman showing off her legs in knee socks.

It's not every day that you feel you have thick enough skin to dare to go out on the street and potentially face degrading and questioning looks. You don't always want to swap jeans or feel-good leggings for a mini dress with over-the-knee boots. And of course you can't always ignore what other people think about you from one day to the next, even if you try really hard. We all have fluctuating confidence! However, on days you are feeling good, it is worth stepping out of your comfort zone and channeling that courage! It is always worth the risk!

We promise you!

If you take a small step in this direction and think more about what you want to wear and less about what you supposedly shouldn't wear, you'll fall in love with your legs, your look, and yourself all over again.

Because nothing gives you more self-confidence than wearing an outfit, looking in the mirror and being able to say with all your heart: "Yes, that’s me!"
A fat woman in over-the-knee stockings sits on a sofa conversing with a tall long-legged woman in over-the-knee stockings.

Together for more diversity

We dream of a fashion world in which everyone feels seen and represented. A world in which fashion reflects the colorful diversity of life. And you can join in! Wear the dress that others find too short, rock the style that you feel too old for, wear the tights that turn heads - the main thing is that you like yourself!

Are you still missing fabulous tights or stockings in your size? Then write to us and we will try to make your wishes come true!
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Overknee-Strümpfe und Strumpfhosen an 5 Frauen, die nebeneinander versetzt auf einer Straße zwischen Industriegebäuden laufen.


Share your outfits, find inspiration, help determine future products and meet new friends. Join our community Discord server!


Share your outfits, find inspiration, help determine future products and meet new friends. Join our community Discord server!

Frau mit Plus Size Overknee-Strümpfen hält eine Strumpfhose in der Hand.


Our designs for your style.


Our designs for your style.