The Truth about Tights and why they never fit

Frau mit ausgeprägtem Bauch trägt eine bequeme Strumpfhose.

They slip, pinch and roll up every time, and always in the most unfavourable situations imaginable; at work, at your best friend's wedding or whilst out dancing. As a tall or larger woman, you really learn to hate pantyhose. Back then, I always put a ‘safety slip’ over my tights to prevent them from slipping down – that is, if I could even find one that was long enough for me at 182cm tall. Once I got to a size 46, I completely gave up looking for suitable hosiery for a while. Completely unnerved, the thought occurred to me that it can't be that damn hard to make decent tights for larger legs - or is it?!

The problem with the production of conventional tights

It's actually not that simple. Traditionally, tights are made on huge circular knitting machines. However, these machines are built in such a way that they can only knit up to a certain width - after that, well, it's over. There are hardly any machines that have a larger knitting range than the supposed ‘norm’ that someone set at some point (probably a man, lol). Larger sizes are suddenly bespoke, custom, rare products.

Circular knitting machine for ordinary tights, with a limited diameter limiting larger sizes for tights

However, the limited width is only part of the problem. It becomes particularly difficult if you are not just tall or just larger, but both long AND wide, so to speak. Conventionally manufactured tights can only be stretched in two directions; if you pull them long, they become tighter; if you pull them wide, they become shorter. So, bad luck for everyone in the plus size range - especially the tall ones!

Tights, but better!

The good news is there is a solution. By using larger circular knitting machines, particularly stretchy materials and the use of a special 3D weaving technique, the size range can be significantly expanded and the stretch ability of tights can be significantly improved.

Our Italian hosiery designers have many years of experience and have specialised in filling precisely this gap in the market for plus size tights and stockings. Thanks to smart innovations in production, and in co-operation with a factory in northern Italy, we can produce and offer tights that adapt to every body shape.

Plus size model with larger legs posing with a pair of beautiful xxl pantyhose.

Our answer to the Pantyhose Problem

The perfect tights hug your body, outline your silhouette and still fit properly even after hours without pinching or slipping. Our tights are not only characterized by their inclusive fit, but also by their sustainability. We rely on vegan, durable and super soft materials that not only ensure a comfortable fit, but also protect our planet. How good is that?

Discover our world of tights that really fit now!


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Frau mit Plus Size Overknee-Strümpfen hält eine Strumpfhose in der Hand.


Our designs for your style.


Our designs for your style.