"Shine Your Light" fishnet tights

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These black fishnet tights have an extraordinary geo pattern with large circles and are therefore anything but 0-8-15! Our exciting fishnet tights 'Shine Your Light' are super stretchy and bring out the sexiness in you - whether on the street or at home on the couch. The pattern reminds us of early modern, round. leadlight windows - your skin shining through the pattern, like the sun through small round windows is very fitting for this couple. What do you think?

Note: Due to the weave, these tights have a texture that may cause friction between the legs or sticking of the tights fibers if you have larger thighs. Please take care of yourself and try out how you feel when running at home before you go out. If worst comes to the worst, you can wear cycling shorts over it or avoid long walks.

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Black fishnet tights with a high waist. Geo pattern with large circles. Suitable for all shoe sizes.


83% Polyamide, 17% Elastane. Extra soft polyamide ensures long-lasting, robust tights that are comfortable to wear and feel soft against the skin. The tights have a very slight sheen.


The product contains more elastane than ordinary tights and is made with a special 3D weaving technique that ensures excellent stretchability in all directions. Thanks to this technique, the tights nestle perfectly against your body and fit perfectly without slipping, pinching or pinching - even for long and larger legs. The product is also very breathable and does not make you feel sticky - even when you sweat!


The tights have a flat seam and a reinforced area on the toes to prevent runs and holes and to avoid uncomfortable pressure points. A cotton gusset is sewn into the crotch.


The waistband sits between the navel and the chest. It is very soft and does not have an additional elastic waistband. The waistband is therefore suitable for people who are sensitive to pressure on their stomach area.

Care Instructions

Hand wash recommended at 30°C. Wash before wear. Wash only with similar colours as the product dye may run during the first few washes. Do not bleach or dry clean. Heat will damage the elasticity of the product, so please do not iron and only air dry. Do not tumble dry.

More details

Vegan. Made in Italy. OEKO-TEX certified. You can check the authenticity of individual certificates here: https://labelchecker.de

Zwei Frauen in eleganten schwarzen Strumpfhosen, Netzstrumpfhose und Feinstrumpfhose. Sie schauen sich lachend an und sitzen auf einem Sofa.

Feeling your sexy self!

There's a lot of cool things to be said about our fishnet tights. For example, that they have a really unusual pattern and look damn good from size S to XXXL. But one thing they definitely are not, and that's boring. Be a trendsetter and 'Shine your light!' ♥


No more pinching, slipping, rolling! Our tights are soft and adapt to your figure.


The weaving technique ensures good breathability - warm in winter and cool in summer so you don't sweat so much.


Not indestructible, but durable! Our tights will stay with you for a long time.


The tights and all the materials required for them were manufactured in Italy under fair conditions.