You get an ‘Oh Wow’ package!

Schwarze Strumpfhosenverpackungen zur Pyramide aufgestellt.

Imagine if all the presents under the Christmas tree were unwrapped. Not exactly a festive thought, is it? Even if we already know what we are getting, it's kind of nice when there's something nicely packaged to unpack. Why do we feel this way?

‘Packaged with Love’ means appreciation

Of course, not everyone was born with the gene for gift wrapping, but the act of packaging is a nice touch. Maybe it's particularly funny, creative, beautiful, or even practical and/or reusable. One thing is certain; someone has taken the time to think about it and has expressed their appreciation of the receiver - regardless of the content of the gift.

We also want to express how much we appreciate of our customers, and not just with our tights and stockings, but everything that goes with them! For this reason, it was clear to us from the very beginning that our product packaging was going to be something very special!

cute Af Holosticker is in the middle and focused, held by a woman who can be seen blurry in the background wearing a black top and a brown-red hairband

Great packaging…..but what about sustainability?

Both our paper tubes and our postcards and stickers have minimal branding. Either our brand name is very inconspicuous, not visible at all or can be removed. This isn’t because we want to hide it, but because we know that people will be more likely to use, or give away items if the brand name is not obvious.

paper tube packaging with Dual Defiance design, postcard and holo sticker resting on a wooden box

Paper Tubes

You may have already noticed that we are particularly proud of our paper tubes! They serve as packaging for our hosiery and were developed in collaboration with the design agency Yellow Tree.

Usually, the tights are already packed in plastic bags with cardboard inserts at the factory. Instead, we receive all our tights and stockings unpacked in large boxes. Our paper tubes transport your hosiery safely to your destination and look great - but the best thing is that you can reuse them afterwards in a variety of ways. For example, as stylish pencil holders or for neatly storing tights and over-the-knee stockings. Or, remove the lid and tadaaa! use the tube as neutral packaging for other gifts. We are sure there are a hundred more recycling ideas - the main thing is that you don't throw them away!

paper tube packaging for stockings in the hands of a woman with dark nail polish in front of a laughing woman in the background

A small gift in every paper tube – just like a cornflake box!

When you open your package, you will find our mini poster and a free postcard, a cute leporello flyer with all the information about the product and last but not least, a small gift. Currently it's a hologram sticker, but in the future it could be something else. The most important thing is that it brings joy and that our appreciation reaches you and your loved ones.

woman unpacking tights from a Dual Defiance paper tube

Dual Defiance Gift Certificate

Speaking of gifts, if you're looking for a gift for someone who likes to choose, a digital Dual Defiance gift card is just the thing! It has space to write your own message of appreciation! It’s a great time to offer a gift card as we have five new tights to choose from in January!

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Share your outfits, find inspiration, help determine future products and meet new friends. Join our community Discord server!

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