Five must-have tights for every occasion: Our brand new collection

Fünf Must-have Strumpfhosen für jeden Anlass: Unsere brandneue Kollektion

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since the opening of our webshop! We are all the more pleased to finally present our first small collection - a real milestone in the history of our young company. We have carefully selected and tested the patterns and decided to expand our range with five new tights! Each one looks incredibly good and each sits well even on thick and long legs.

patterned plus size tights on seven different sized legs

Back in Black

Our "Back in Black" pantyhose is a quintessential classic; an absolute must- have that should not be missing in any wardrobe. In a timeless, elegant black, this stocking offers you versatility. Whether you combine them with a classy pencil skirt or a cosy dinner in your favourite casual dress, 'Back in Black' adapts to every style and is so comfortable that you will forget that you're wearing them at all.

black plus size tights on a tall woman and a woman with lipedema

Shine Your Light

The "Shine Your Light" tights are large-meshed fishnet tights with an extraordinary pattern. Their unique geometrical pattern reminded us of lead-light windows in the early modern period. These tights are real statement piece and will attract some attention! In addition, it is so elastic that, depending on body size, it fits even beyond EU56. Combine them with minimalist pieces to keep the pattern in the spotlight, or keep it colourful and wild, making your entire outfit a mix-and-match of patterns and colors.

plus size fishnet tights with geometrical circle pattern on a larger woman and a tall woman

Cat Lady

Being a “cat lady” is a real compliment in our world. These black pantyhose with a woven leopard look give off model vibes and stand for strength, elegance and independence. This black pantyhose with the woven leopard pattern can be styled both boldly and discreetly. Perfect for those who want to show their wild side or simply add a suggestive detail to their outfit.

tall woman dressed in a checkered shirt, a faux leather skirt and belt with high cut boots and tights with leopard print


Our "Intersect" tights embodies self-confidence, intelligence and self-determined sexiness. These black pantyhose offer a pattern of crossing lines which is an ideal eye-catcher for single-colour-coloured black outfits. It adds a modern and bold touch to your wardrobe. Combined with modern, angular clothes and geometric-minimalist pieces of gold and silver, the pattern comes into its own.

criss-cross semi-transparent tights on a casually dressed woman next to a woman in a business outfit

Among Stars

"Among Stars" is the most delicate design in our new collection and is just as perfect for dreamers and night owls as it is for fans of emo nostalgia. This black fine pantyhose with a woven star pattern is quite conservative, but can round off a variety of outfits perfectly. Remember every day that you are the star of your own show!

feminine plus size tights with star pattern, plus size friendly, on two women posing with on leg elevated on a low bench

Our special offer

In February you can secure the whole collection for only €99.80, because 5 pairs of tights in your shopping cart you will get you a 20% discount. There are only about 40 pairs available per size, so this offer is while stocks last!

We hope that our first collection will inspire you as much as you inspire us.

We have chosen each one with the desire and vision that people (in particular those with a figure outside standard sizes) feel beautiful and self-confident in them.

Let your creativity run wild as you find the perfect outfit combinations for your individual style. We are already waiting to see your looks! Make sure to tag Dual Defiance!

Don't forget, if you want a tight or stocking design that just doesn't exist in your size, then write to us. We are wanting to develop what you're missing in the future.

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Share your outfits, find inspiration, help determine future products and meet new friends. Join our community Discord server!


Share your outfits, find inspiration, help determine future products and meet new friends. Join our community Discord server!

Frau mit Plus Size Overknee-Strümpfen hält eine Strumpfhose in der Hand.


Our designs for your style.


Our designs for your style.